Licence is proprietary software. All rights are reserved. Software on can not be modified or redistributed.

Software Libraries makes use of several software libraries licensed under the MIT license and/or Apache 2.0 license. Those licenses can be found here:

Again, is NOT licensed under either the MIT or Apache License


The Logicle transform is covered under US Patent 6,954,722, which is owned by Stanford University. Stanford has stated that they will not assert the patent in the field of flow cytometry.


The AutoSpill Method of compensation was developed by Dr. Carlos Roca and is under peer-review at the time of writing this (2/2021). The manuscript can be found on Biorxiv. There is a reference implementation in the R programming language available on GitHub and is provided under the MIT License. The AutoSpill developers have also provided a Web App to perform the AutoSpill calculations here.

Floreada has its own implementation of the AutoSpill algorithm developed from the manuscript. We would encourage anyone who uses the AutoSpill option on Floreada to also cite the Roca et. al. manuscript.

AutoSpread is a complimentary algorithm to AutoSpill. Where as AutoSpill can generate a Spillover Matrix, which is used to do compensation, AutoSpread generates a Spillover Spreading Matrix, which is used for quality control. Floreada does not implement AutoSpread as it is being patented.


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