FCS Editor

  • Select an FCS File to edit
  • Once loaded edit the names of the file and any parameters
  • Parameters can be deleted by clicking the X button
  • Parameters can be reordered by dragging and dropping them in the parameter list
  • Save the file and use with any FCS analysis software

FCS Data

  • When you rename the file or parameters the data segment of the old FCS file is copied directly into the new FCS file, so the actual data is EXACTLY the same
  • However when you delete or reorder parameters, the data segment must be altered.
  • Since the exporting datatype will always be 32 bit float, if the original file was something else, some values may be slightly different but not significantly different. (Example: "3" vs "3.00000000000000001")
  • Deleting a parameter in an in-file compensation matrix will delete the compensation matrix from the file