Open File supports the FCS3.0 and FCS 3.1 file formats. To open a file, click "File" then "Open File(s)". This opens a menu where you can select one or more FCS files from your computer to analyze. When selected, files are parsed and displayed in your browser as dot plots.

In general, files with under 1 million events and less than 15 parameters, should load instantaneously. When opening larger files it may take a moment. We are working on making this faster.

If you try to open a file and you receive an error message, that particular file is not currently supported. Please contact us if you encounter any problems and we will try our best to fix them, especially if the file is FCS 3.0+.

The "Projects" sidebar lists all open files grouped by project and highlights the name of the file you are currently viewing highlighted. Each file is grouped into a project using the "$PROJ" keyword in its FCS file. There is no way to change this behavior at this time.

Close File

To close a file, right click on the file in the "Projects" sidebar and click "Delete". When closed, the file and all associated gates are removed.

Currently, information about files, including gate data is not saved. So once you close a file, that information is gone.

Cycle File

If you have multiple files open, you can switch to a different file by clicking its name in the "Projects".

You can use the Up/Down arrow keys to cycle through the files in a project to compare their dot plots. You can use the Left/Right arrow keys to step in and out of different levels in the file tree.

Additionally, the ◀ | ▶ icons next to the file name label cycle through files.


FCS files contain a "TEXT" section in the file format which contain key-value pairs. Many of these are used to interpret the data in the file correctly. Others contain information such as the number of events in the file, of the project name. You can view all the keywords in the currently displayed file by selecting "Keyword" button in the gating panel.

Keywords can not be added or edited at this time.