Flow Cytometry Analysis

Simple, free, web-based analysis for your experiments.


Intuitive Controls

Doing your analysis has never been simpler. Load your files, create gates, and generate statistics with a just few clicks.


Easily create overlays to better understand your data by dragging and dropping.

Autospill Compensation

Automatically generate compensation matrices for your data.

Export Images

Our highly customizable image exporter helps you save beautiful figures that are exactly to your liking.

GatingML Workspaces

Save all your analysis to a workspace so you can instantly return to it later.

Cell Cycle

Use the Watson Pragmatic algorithm to estimate the G1, G2, and S phases and calculate all the statistics you need.


Use advanced algorithms like t-SNE for high dimensional analysis.

FCS Analysis

Works with FCS2.0, FCS3.0, and FCS3.1 files.


FCS Editor

Change the names of your FCS files and parameters


FCS Convert

Convert your FCS files to CSV files to view their event data as a spreadsheet


FCS Merge

Merge multiple FCS files together into one big file



FCS Analysis FCS Editor FCS Convert FCS Merge

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