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Red Matter App is web-based analysis software for flow cytometry analysis. The development team is based out of Ireland. Since its release around 2017, it has gone through several iterations. Initially the software was more focused on cloud-based analysis. However this version was plagued by performance issues as file uploads would take a very long time. Red Matter App was then converted into a browser-based program, more in line with's design. Although this was probably a good direction to take, it's use was limited by a very small feature set, as well as numerous bugs. Most recently as of 2024, the app website seems to be no longer available.

Update 2024 - Red Matter App is no longer available

The Red Matter App website seems to be no longer accessible. If you have found this page looking for details on Red Matter App, we would encourage you to try out We think you will find it much better, faster, and easier to use.

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Red Matter
No Installation
Active Development
Operating System
Rectangle Gate
Polygon Gate
Ellipse Gate
Quad Gate
Manual Compensation
Autospill Compensation
Ratio Parameters
Cell Cycle


Red Matter App was a decent addition to the free flow cytometry software community, which we at Floreada enjoyed watching evolve for the past several years. The project now unfortunately seems to have been abandoned. If you had previously used it and are now in need of free flow cytometry analysis software, try


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