Custom Parameters

Custom parameters are parameters that you create using defined parameters contained in an FCS File. The most common use case is to create a new parameter from the ratio of two other parameters.

Create Custom Parameters

To create a new custom parameter, select the file which you would like the parameter on and in the left hand panel, select "Custom Parameter."

In the Custom Parameter popup window, first assign a name to your custom parameter (or use the default name). Note that you can not have two parameters in the same file with the same parameter name. Next you must input the formula for the custom parameter.

Currently all custom parameters that you create must be of the form {Param1} [operation] {Param2}. Note that parameter names are currently the parameter's short name. For instance if the parameter is displayed in the plot as "GFP::FL3-A", the short name is the part after the "::", in this case "FL3-A". Operation can be +, -, *, or /. Also short parameter names must be put in curly braces - {}.

For example, if you have two parameters named "VioGreen-A::FL2-A" and "FITC-A::FL3-A" and you want to create a new custom parameter which is the sum of these two parameters, the formula would be:

{FL2-A} + {FL3-A}

If you have a parameter that does not have separate long and short names (for instance "FSC-A" or "SSC-A") you can just reference it with its displayed name

If you create a custom parameter and want to apply it to other FCS files, you can drag and drop the associated custom parameter icon in the file tree to the file you want to apply it to or you can press "Ctrl + A", to apply all custom parameters in the current file (and all gates, compensation and stats) to every other file in the project.

Delete Custom Parameters

To delete a custom parameter from a file you can right click it and hit "Delete".